PREORDER Creepy Crawly Oracle Deck
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PREORDER Creepy Crawly Oracle Deck

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Love them, hate them, run from them - bugs have a special way of bringing us all together for better or worse. Through this project, I've sought to find the softer side of these creepy crawlies, drawing out some positive messages that can be found in their appearance, behavior and mythology.

So what is an Oracle Deck anyway? Think of an oracle deck as the rebellious sister of the tarot deck! Where tarot has rigidity in the cards illustrations, meaning, and symbolism, oracle decks can be whatever you want, however long you want, and include the meaning of the card right on it (which means no having to learn how to decipher them!). 

This deck includes 40 tarot sized (2.75" x 4.75") cards each featuring an individual illustration and a 24 page booklet with information on each bug and how to use your cards, housed in a custom KWT two piece box. 

As a thank you for preordering you will also receive two stickers of illustrations in the deck (the bumblebee and death head moth), along with my unconditional love and appreciation!

Interested in preordering both my PMA: Positive Affirmations Deck and Creepy Crawly Oracle Deck? Use code DOUBLEDIP to take $5 off your total purchase!

Please allow up to one month for delivery dependent on how quickly I raise the funds for the printing through preorders! 

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